1. T-Mobile BlackBerry 9900 Wifi Sharing + Calling update finally here!

    Tue 27 March 2012
    By mute

    I just happen to slap my SIM card into my 9900 again last night and "Check for Updates" and it's here! OS 7.1 has Wifi Calling and Wifi sharing. I was really looking forward to the wifi calling, since I use it in Antarctica. I actually bought this phone before I left for the ice, and haven't used it at all since it lacked UMA. I was unhappy, since Blackberry's have traditionally always came with it, I just expected it. Anyway, battery life kinda sucked too.

    I did not think Wifi Sharing would be a big deal. I've always …

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  2. Samsung SCH-U360 Gusto DUN

    Tue 13 September 2011
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    Playing with this ol' thing on a trip to the middle of nowhere. Funny, it begins to act like a modem when first powered on, and promptly locks itself up. :( Typing ATDT#777 returns NO CARRIER right away, but upon reboot I got this tidbit:

    Terminal ready
     Manufacturer: I: SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
     Model: I: SCH-U360/242
     Revision: I: Q6055BSKAXLZ337018E 1 [Jun 25 2009 17:00.04]
     ESN: 0x80xxxxxx
     +GCAP: +CIS707-A, +MS, +ES, +DS, +FCLASS

    Edit: omg i has tether. after much googling i found the SamsungPST_U360.dll, and I changed "NO DUN" to "1XDUN". It's no 3G, but …

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  3. GRUB Rescue to the Rescue!

    Sun 28 August 2011
    By mute

    So I'm on travel and have my netbook, my blackberry, and CompacFlash reader. I was trying out a few different operating systems on the CF for this WRAP.2E router board. Of course I got into the quick habit of doing fdisk, wipe partition table, yada yada. WELL OF COURSE I use '/dev/sda' the last time instead of '/dev/sdc'. I realize this before I rebooted though. I grabbed TestDisk and fixed that easy. I still have *NOTHING* on hand to fix it in case I reboot and problems arose, so I didn't plan to.

    Well, Sunday I got …

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  4. Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V

    Wed 23 March 2011
    By mute

    Got one. not as fun to type on as the blackberry. I'm on it now using the WordPress app. so maybe I'll edit this later. I'm not a fan of virtual keyboards. maybe I'll get use to it but for now I'm keeping the blackberry as well. I got the keyboard-less LG since it has EVDO Rev.A but seems they throttle at 200-300kbps anyway :( okay for $25 I guess! it is very responsive with its 600Mhz armv6. but armv6 means no hope for flash. oh well. Angry Birds works, pandora works, wifi ap works...

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  5. Two more MVNO!? So many prepaid cellular deals

    Mon 18 January 2010
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    hrm. can't wait to get home and see what this 'StraightTalk' (by Tracfone) is about. Tracfone, from my previous research, used AT&T or Verizon depending on the area you register it with. StraightTalk seems to resell Verizon just like pageplus... at least in summerville... i thought i checked Tracfone back in the day and they offered GSM phones (Guess AT&T costed them less) weird! so many new "virtual" providers now with this $40-50 sweet spot. :) thing bout StraightTalk is it's $5 more but no limit on DATA!?!? omg! Wonder if I can activate a phone that I don't …

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  6. T-Mobile @Antarctica

    Mon 11 January 2010
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    I should of done this from the get-go. My mom mailed me my Nokia 6301 so I could use it on my return trip (hopefully over WiFi to avoid international roaming, or unlocked with a New Zealand SIM), but without my SIM. I got it today. So I can definitely text from my room now hah.

    Nokia 6301 is a "T-Mobile @Home" phone or @Hotspot whatever the hell they call it now... It uses UMA over WiFi. I have dial-up on a desktop that feeds my wifi router (adhoc may work too but this is less trouble eh -- maybe I'll …

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  7. PagePlus + Verizon Prepaid

    Thu 30 July 2009
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    OKAY, I got it working. PagePlus has great voice rates, Verizon has great data. About $0 for it HEHE.

    Problems, signed up for pageplus on their site, didn't know how to activate. Called customer care and they told me to dial *22886 i think. Done.

    Verizon *22888 didn't work. So I put my ESN into their online site, then dialed *22888 and it worked. Yay, had to add $15 and then --


    wait.. ran it again at work. definitely had stronger signal (was indoors at home first run)

    wow !!!! :)

    compare with t-mobile egprs (had to put phone outside to get full …

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  8. Free internet setup on Nokia 6086

    Thu 04 September 2008
    By mute

    This'll work on many handsets, but here are the step-by-step I used on the Nokia 6086. I use the free dial-up service provided by NoCharge. $6/m t-zones is enough to use opera mini and google maps, but I was minimizing my plan and dropped it, since I hardly ever use these, but they can help if on a road trip and you get lost :)

    Start in Menu > Settings > Configuration > Personal configuration settings. Then Options > Add New > Access Point.

    Account Name: NoCharge CSD
    Access Point Settings...
    Data Bearer: GSM data
    Bearer Settings...
    Dial-up number: 3604692222
    Authentication type: Normal
    Data call …
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  9. The Nokia 6086 can run Google Mobile Maps!

    Thu 04 September 2008
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    T-mobile US highly restricts java applications, especially on their Nokia handsets. With my previous phone, the Nokia 6133, you could flash to an unbranded firmware and run anything. It was great. But now I have a Nokia 6086 ...

    The Nokia 6086 has many certificates installed on it. Go to Menu > Settings > Security > Authority certificates > Certificate list to view them.

    One certificate of interest is GeoTrust CA for UTI. UTI is Unified Testing Initiative, or Java Verified. This is the certificate real applications will get, such as Google Mobile Maps.

    If you visit http://m.google.com/gmm you'll be presented …

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