T-Mobile @Antarctica

Mon 11 January 2010
By mute

I should of done this from the get-go. My mom mailed me my Nokia 6301 so I could use it on my return trip (hopefully over WiFi to avoid international roaming, or unlocked with a New Zealand SIM), but without my SIM. I got it today. So I can definitely text from my room now hah.

Nokia 6301 is a "T-Mobile @Home" phone or @Hotspot whatever the hell they call it now... It uses UMA over WiFi. I have dial-up on a desktop that feeds my wifi router (adhoc may work too but this is less trouble eh -- maybe I'll confirm that later). So basically, Nokia 6301 -> Linksys WRT54g -> Desktop -> Dialup -> Microwave link to satellite uplink -> Denver, CO. hah. Amazingly the GSM codec ALMOST works over dial-up. I called my voicemail and heard it fine but I think it has difficulties hearing me.. Obviously 56k dial-up is asynchronous, with like 50k down 33k up?

So yeah, I'm a bit excited. Just received my first text in Antarctica.. w00t.