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  1. GNU Screen zombie / defzombie for tmux

    Sun 11 February 2018
    By mute

    If you set remain-on-exit in tmux, and are too lazy to press Prefix x y <CR> or just prefer the way GNU Screen's zombie command would ask, "Kill/Respawn" then you have found the right place.

    I know this doesn't work in 2.3 that is in Debian stretch, so unfortunately you'll need a later version. I'm not sure the earliest, but I just compiled tmux 2.8 and found what I needed in it's documentation.

    set-hook -g pane-died 'command-prompt -1 -p "(k)ill/(r)espawn: " "if -Ft = \"#{==:%1,k}\" kill-pane; if -Ft = \"#{==:%1,r}\" respawn-pane"'

    So they're putting more …

  2. pfSense UniFi controller stuck adopting

    Tue 23 February 2016
    By mute

    Java is suppose to be cross-platform but in the case of the UniFi controller, that is not true. There is a snappy-java-1.0.5.jar which doesn't include FreeBSD/amd64 native libraries and thus doesn't work under pfSense. You'll notice this when you upgrade a UAP from to The inform url now requires the snappy compression I guess and if you sniff the traffic or look at logs you'll see a 500 failure and a trace about snappy. Just grab the one from the pkg system or, as I did:

    wget http …
  3. New site

    Mon 24 August 2015
    By mute

    I've moved from using lighttpd+php+mysql+wordpress to nginx+pelican. My site is now static and on an even smaller vps. Costs went from $40/yr to just $15/yr. So far RamNode has been good. I meant to transition everything over but ... Oops. If you're looking for my old projects, then I am sad. Perhaps one day I'll get an itch to do things with the web again and put useful things here. Until then ... I sorry. :'(

  4. Codegolfing su in assembly

    Sat 06 December 2014
    By mute
    ; su in x86-64 for abusing shbot on
    ; we overwrite .text section of a donor binary with our code to save writing a big ELF header.
    ; mute ( 07jul2015. public domain.
    ; 1. get offset for target binary
    ;  (/bin/nl is 6288 and /bin/[ is 5696; good luck getting other binaries off shbot)
    ;   objdump -h ~/nl.shbot | awk '/text/{print "ibase=16;"toupper($6)}' | bc
    ; 2. build this file with nasm
    ;   nasm -f bin su su.asm
    ; 3. get base64 encoded
    ;   base64 -w 0 ./su
    ; 4. run on shbot
    ;   # cd /bin;(head -c5696;read -N33;recode …
  5. FIX: Windows Open File Security Warning

    Fri 14 November 2014
    By mute

    We have all seen this from time-to-time for a file we downloaded from the Internet:

    Open File - Security Warning

    It's usually not a problem because it's an installer and we run it once and it goes away. But what if it's a portable executable? Just exactly WHERE in the heck is this data stored?

    NTFS has a feature called Alternate Data Streams (ADS) which is where this security information is stored. Grab a copy of the SysInternals utility streams to remove this offending data if you plan to keep the file around but don't want to completely disable the security feature.

    And there you …

    Tagged as : windows
  6. Native IPv6 with Time Warner Cable

    Sun 11 May 2014
    By mute

    For some reason I decided to look into IPv6 again. Initially for AT&T since I was in the router page and saw it as an option that was disabled but not changeable. Then I logged into the router I have at my kids' house. I ran tcpdump and saw this:

    root@OpenWrt:/proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/eth1# tcpdump -vvv -i eth1 ip6
    tcpdump: listening on eth1, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 65535 bytes
    18:36:53.462003 IP6 (class 0xe0, hlim 255, next-header ICMPv6 (58) payload length: 32) fe80::7281:5ff:fe2c:bbd9 > ff02::1: [icmp6 sum ok …
  7. Minimal Asterisk 11 Google Voice setup (Simonics replacement)

    Sat 10 November 2012
    By mute

    I signed up for another Google Voice account, and went to simonics to register it so I could use it on a SIP adapter. Registration was closed. :(

    Asterisk 11 just hit and it's chan_motif does the job. Asterisk is very ... intimidating at first. It can do soooo much. My initial setup wasn't dialing out for some reason. It seems to be working fine now on my VPS and I've narrowed it down to a few modules, so that I may compile and run it directly on my home router (NETGEAR WNDR3700).

    Click more to see a dump of my configuration …

  8. Minimal Wii SoftMod

    Thu 12 July 2012
    By mute

    When I modify a Wii, I start with the homebrew channel, USB Loader GX, and WiiMC (a great media player). Many of the guides are outdated, and include many things I don't believe you need anymore. The latest hack, LetterBomb, works on the current Wii software version, 4.3, and requires nothing more than an SD card. Games each load a specific IOS (Read IOSes explained if interested in the details), but I've had success with everything I've tried so far with only having IOS 56 and 57 modified by d2x v8. I don't bother with anything dealing with DVD …




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