Two more MVNO!? So many prepaid cellular deals

Mon 18 January 2010
By mute

hrm. can't wait to get home and see what this 'StraightTalk' (by Tracfone) is about. Tracfone, from my previous research, used AT&T or Verizon depending on the area you register it with. StraightTalk seems to resell Verizon just like pageplus... at least in summerville... i thought i checked Tracfone back in the day and they offered GSM phones (Guess AT&T costed them less) weird! so many new "virtual" providers now with this $40-50 sweet spot. :) thing bout StraightTalk is it's $5 more but no limit on DATA!?!? omg! Wonder if I can activate a phone that I don't buy from them!?!$@#$

the other was "OMG! Simple Mobile" which uses T-mobile's fairly decent network and equipment. this is great because it's so simple to just throw a SIM card into a older GSM phone et voila! they also hit that $45 sweet spot with unlimited talk/text, but if you want data it's $50 and it only gets you 20MB a month. Page Plus does that for $39.95 on a larger network. sorry, fail. :)

So yeah, I'm very interested in looking into this 'StraightTalk' I wonder if plugging in a Verizon phone ESN into the website activation will work? :)