1. AT&T U-Verse DMZplus workaround

    Thu 24 May 2012
    By mute

    When you want a DMZ on your AT&T U-verse, it will assign a public IP... If you have a need for a static LAN ip this can be a problem. My Wii Media Center uses IPs to stream my videos. Maybe it could use a name but still is weird.

    The DMZ machine runs Debian. If you simply assign a 2nd IP to eth0 (ifconfig eth0:1 then the AT&T gateway updates its table and turns DMZ off. DMZplus only works on DHCP hosts...

    Enter 'macvlan'. Is like a vlan, but with MAC address …

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  2. Early troubleshooting days.

    Sat 18 February 2012
    By mute

    I was reminiscing on my computer experiences on my drive home from taking my A+ exam.

    I don't recall the very first PC problem I fixed. I just remember my dad bringing home a 286 machine from work and it not operating. I don't believe it booted anything at all. Maybe it was summer, because I asked if I could play with it when he went to work. He said, "If I can't fix it, you can't, but you can mess with it." When my dad got home from work, the machine was at an MS-DOS prompt. :)

    The first hardware …

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  3. Wii Linux hacking

    Tue 20 December 2011
    By mute

    So tonight while at work I began researching Wii Linux. I hope to make some contributions. It's quite different than the router I hacked at. I am by no means qualified for such things, but in the end patches were made (that worked) and I learned quite a lot.

    The Wii has two CPUs. This is the hardest part for me to grasp. Of course the booting process is started by one, code is loaded, but then how do the two communicate? A segment of RAM which is monitored, of course, right? I assume there is also a signal on …

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  4. Burst.NET Windows VPS && SolusVM API

    Fri 23 September 2011
    By mute

    Burst.NET will give you any sort of Windows server VPS on Xen-HVM for under $8 in Miami. I got one because a friend had a Linux VPS and couldn't install modules. I said, that's because they use OpenVZ. Of course, with a Windows VPS they must use full virtualization. So I installed GRUB in boot.ini and tried to install linux in there... It didn't work out so well with my usual Debian. PV-on-HVM driver never showed ethernet correctly. :( A different kernel unaware of the VM would have worked. The problem was probably due to version differences in the …

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  5. GRUB Rescue to the Rescue!

    Sun 28 August 2011
    By mute

    So I'm on travel and have my netbook, my blackberry, and CompacFlash reader. I was trying out a few different operating systems on the CF for this WRAP.2E router board. Of course I got into the quick habit of doing fdisk, wipe partition table, yada yada. WELL OF COURSE I use '/dev/sda' the last time instead of '/dev/sdc'. I realize this before I rebooted though. I grabbed TestDisk and fixed that easy. I still have *NOTHING* on hand to fix it in case I reboot and problems arose, so I didn't plan to.

    Well, Sunday I got …

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  6. GNU screen screenrc tweaks - windows and titles

    Tue 22 February 2011
    By mute

    I decided after all these years I would rebind the CTRL+A after I ended up logging out of my shell by pressing CTRL+A CTRL+D [times 3] trying to go to the beginning of a bash prompt and delete the beginning few characters. Yes, I use CTRL+D :P

    So while looking into this I found so many other useful things to do inside of .screenrc. I chose CTRL+S as my new screen command character, since nothing I do uses it, and it really shouldn't since it's the old XON/XOFF flow control.

    Below is my documented …

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  7. Linksys T-Mobile WRTU54G-TM 3rd party firmware? OpenWRT!

    Thu 16 September 2010
    By mute

    Okay, google hasn't been indexing my wiki but likes my blog. It's apparent by all the spam comments I get. I finally stopped messing around with building my own system from scratch and made my work available as a simple OpenWRT patch. It was quite simple and seems to work great.



    EDIT 21/Feb/2011: Now to collect all information in a central location to benefit the community, a mailing list. Please join, I expect minimal traffic.

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