1. Wii Linux hacking

    Tue 20 December 2011
    By mute

    So tonight while at work I began researching Wii Linux. I hope to make some contributions. It's quite different than the router I hacked at. I am by no means qualified for such things, but in the end patches were made (that worked) and I learned quite a lot.

    The Wii has two CPUs. This is the hardest part for me to grasp. Of course the booting process is started by one, code is loaded, but then how do the two communicate? A segment of RAM which is monitored, of course, right? I assume there is also a signal on …

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  2. Burst.NET Windows VPS && SolusVM API

    Fri 23 September 2011
    By mute

    Burst.NET will give you any sort of Windows server VPS on Xen-HVM for under $8 in Miami. I got one because a friend had a Linux VPS and couldn't install modules. I said, that's because they use OpenVZ. Of course, with a Windows VPS they must use full virtualization. So I installed GRUB in boot.ini and tried to install linux in there... It didn't work out so well with my usual Debian. PV-on-HVM driver never showed ethernet correctly. :( A different kernel unaware of the VM would have worked. The problem was probably due to version differences in the …

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  3. Samsung SCH-U360 Gusto DUN

    Tue 13 September 2011
    By mute

    Playing with this ol' thing on a trip to the middle of nowhere. Funny, it begins to act like a modem when first powered on, and promptly locks itself up. :( Typing ATDT#777 returns NO CARRIER right away, but upon reboot I got this tidbit:

    Terminal ready
     Manufacturer: I: SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
     Model: I: SCH-U360/242
     Revision: I: Q6055BSKAXLZ337018E 1 [Jun 25 2009 17:00.04]
     ESN: 0x80xxxxxx
     +GCAP: +CIS707-A, +MS, +ES, +DS, +FCLASS

    Edit: omg i has tether. after much googling i found the SamsungPST_U360.dll, and I changed "NO DUN" to "1XDUN". It's no 3G, but …

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  4. Apple Genius's are far from it

    Wed 07 September 2011
    By mute

    The screen on my mom's iPad2 was cracked Monday morning. I decided I'd have Apple replace it, since it'd also take care of the slightly bent metal backing.

    I drove 40minutes to Charleston for a 1:30pm appointment at the "Genius Bar". I set the appointment just an hour prior. I thought before leaving to sync the iPad2, but given the speed of my mom's laptop, and the fact iTunes is a faggot and won't let you use another computer to do the job, I headed out the door so I wouldn't be late. Turns out that wouldn't have been …

  5. GRUB Rescue to the Rescue!

    Sun 28 August 2011
    By mute

    So I'm on travel and have my netbook, my blackberry, and CompacFlash reader. I was trying out a few different operating systems on the CF for this WRAP.2E router board. Of course I got into the quick habit of doing fdisk, wipe partition table, yada yada. WELL OF COURSE I use '/dev/sda' the last time instead of '/dev/sdc'. I realize this before I rebooted though. I grabbed TestDisk and fixed that easy. I still have *NOTHING* on hand to fix it in case I reboot and problems arose, so I didn't plan to.

    Well, Sunday I got …

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  6. time for a post - NOOKcolor / Xbox issues

    Sun 21 August 2011
    By mute

    I guess it's Aug 22nd and I should post something (see, now every other month on the 22nd ... ha!).

    I rooted my mom's NOOKcolor again... It likes to kill itself it seems if you don't reboot soon after. Like, root it, load up software, reboot couple hour later, and it'll not come up. So I wipe /data and start again and reboot right after accepting Market's terms and it is OK again. meh!

    Going to Virginia tomorrow. Bringing the two WRAP.2E boards to load up. Probably OpenWRT, maybe try some FreeBSD, maybe another linux that's between OpenWRT and a …

  7. Early Internet Days

    Wed 22 June 2011
    By mute

    I was reminiscing my early internet connections this morning on the drive to work for some reason.

    My first service was Prodigy Online. I probably had the 286 at 2400 baud. Then I believe CompuServe. They were weird. Then my parents paid for two phone lines but eventually couldn't afford internet so as a 12 year old I had to find other means. They kept the second phone line of course, because I was addicted to BBS's as well.

    I think first was using the local dial-up for The Citadel's GOPHER system. It's a military university in Charleston. Hidden deep …

  8. Debian lenny SiI3114 FakeRAID GRUB2 JFS

    Fri 22 April 2011
    By mute

    Well shit. I was messing with this for awhile, and I was about to post how I did it... but it seems the debian wiki was updated just a few hours ago: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/SataRaid

    I had the netinst media for amd64. I basically used my Ubuntu LiveCD to install grub2. meh. Took awhile. Also, I used JFS for my root partition... It won't mount read-write until after an fsck if not properly shut down. So it helps to have jfsutils installed lol.

    Actually I had so much trouble, because the jfs thing threw me off, that …

  9. Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V

    Wed 23 March 2011
    By mute

    Got one. not as fun to type on as the blackberry. I'm on it now using the WordPress app. so maybe I'll edit this later. I'm not a fan of virtual keyboards. maybe I'll get use to it but for now I'm keeping the blackberry as well. I got the keyboard-less LG since it has EVDO Rev.A but seems they throttle at 200-300kbps anyway :( okay for $25 I guess! it is very responsive with its 600Mhz armv6. but armv6 means no hope for flash. oh well. Angry Birds works, pandora works, wifi ap works...

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  10. GNU screen screenrc tweaks - windows and titles

    Tue 22 February 2011
    By mute

    I decided after all these years I would rebind the CTRL+A after I ended up logging out of my shell by pressing CTRL+A CTRL+D [times 3] trying to go to the beginning of a bash prompt and delete the beginning few characters. Yes, I use CTRL+D :P

    So while looking into this I found so many other useful things to do inside of .screenrc. I chose CTRL+S as my new screen command character, since nothing I do uses it, and it really shouldn't since it's the old XON/XOFF flow control.

    Below is my documented …

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