Apple Genius's are far from it

Wed 07 September 2011
By mute

The screen on my mom's iPad2 was cracked Monday morning. I decided I'd have Apple replace it, since it'd also take care of the slightly bent metal backing.

I drove 40minutes to Charleston for a 1:30pm appointment at the "Genius Bar". I set the appointment just an hour prior. I thought before leaving to sync the iPad2, but given the speed of my mom's laptop, and the fact iTunes is a faggot and won't let you use another computer to do the job, I headed out the door so I wouldn't be late. Turns out that wouldn't have been so bad.

I park a 4-5 blocks away because I don't know where else to. That's ok, I saw lots of pretty college girls in the area. :D I get in the door at 1:30pm. There is no air conditioning! The doors are wide open. There's a lot of people inside, but most of them have on blue shirts (Apple Employee's)...

Someone clicks my name on an iPad2 and says hang out we'll be right with you. A young lady comes over and asks what's the matter. I replied. She asks if there was a case on it when it happened (Does that matter?). So she goes in the back and brings out an identical iPad2, 32GB, verizon cellular modem.. I ask, "I don't think my mom ever syncs it to the computer. Can you transfer the data?" nope.

I'm not about to spend 2.5hrs to go home, sync, and come back. I explained it was a long drive. She said, "well if you know anyone in charleston ..." I'm like, "Well can't any of these MacBook's do it?" "No, they're all locked-down." some frickin' genius there! So I explained I'd have to ask if that was an issue with my mom. She said OK just let her know if I decide to replace it and walks off.

Called moms. She seemed just ready to get it fixed, so accepted the fact that everything will be gone. I then called my friend Bryon to see if he was in Charleston - nope. OK... So I stalk the "Genius Bar" desk and someone asks me what's up. I said, "I guess I'm ready to pay for the replacement." OK let's take down your info again and book you a 2:15pm appointment. WTF. I explained I had a 1:30pm appointment and all that has already quickly taken place. He did ask if I needed change for the parking meter. GAH.

So I go outside to get some cool air, because it's a fucking sauna in there. Come inside and started my 2:15pm appointment about 7 minutes early. yay!

So a fella asks if I'm Scott, points at the glass and has another fella help me. It was explained that since it's not a warranty repair it costs about half the price of a new one. HALF THE PRICE? I don't see a glass & digitizer to be half of the machine!

So 2nd guy issues the erase command and has me press OK, types in a report on his iPad, plugs mine into a MacBook for a diagnostics report which is then made available to the iPad, and finally slides the replacement towards me. Yet another guy comes up with an iPhone, scans the replacement iPad2's bar code and swipes my VISA yada yada.

"That's it, you're good to go." I silenty walk out, holding an iPad2, feeling like I was just raped. I almost cried. It was so easy for them to take that much money for glass.. None of that extensive mark-up on the original cost was part for any kind of support, since I certainly paid for it then. I paid half new price for a refurbished iPad2. I feel like I should have been able to keep the old one for that!!

If it were mine, I'd have done the replacement myself. But on the other hand, if it were me, I'd not be in this situation because I WILL NEVER BUY APPLE for myself after today. Shame. I liked the ipod touch.