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  1. Minimal Wii SoftMod

    Thu 12 July 2012
    By mute

    When I modify a Wii, I start with the homebrew channel, USB Loader GX, and WiiMC (a great media player). Many of the guides are outdated, and include many things I don't believe you need anymore. The latest hack, LetterBomb, works on the current Wii software version, 4.3, and requires nothing more than an SD card. Games each load a specific IOS (Read IOSes explained if interested in the details), but I've had success with everything I've tried so far with only having IOS 56 and 57 modified by d2x v8. I don't bother with anything dealing with DVD …

  2. My take on Secure UEFI booting.

    Mon 11 June 2012
    By mute

    I just read the article and a lot of the comments about Fedora's plan to tackle booting under secure UEFI: Implementing UEFI Secure Boot in Fedora

    Firstly, I do run Microsoft Windows. It's a good desktop. I also have Linux installed on several headless systems. It's a good server/router. Each have their places and strong points and each have their weaknesses.

    I'm not against this. I do not believe Microsoft is doing it to be anti-competitive. If you have a chain of trust built and followed from the (mostly impractical anyway) unchangeable boot rom to the boot loader to …

  3. AT&T U-Verse DMZplus workaround

    Thu 24 May 2012
    By mute

    When you want a DMZ on your AT&T U-verse, it will assign a public IP... If you have a need for a static LAN ip this can be a problem. My Wii Media Center uses IPs to stream my videos. Maybe it could use a name but still is weird.

    The DMZ machine runs Debian. If you simply assign a 2nd IP to eth0 (ifconfig eth0:1 then the AT&T gateway updates its table and turns DMZ off. DMZplus only works on DHCP hosts...

    Enter 'macvlan'. Is like a vlan, but with MAC address …

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  4. AT&T U-Verse vs. Time Warner Cable

    Tue 15 May 2012
    By mute

    I had AT&T sales rep sell me on trying the U-Verse TV and Internet package. He said no-contract and 30 day money back guarentee so I figured why not. The install was yesterday. It was interesting but I'll try not to bore you with too many boring details... But maybe some.

    Neither place I wanted to have the U-verse gateway had a phone jack, but one already has a hole in the floor so a dedicated cat5 was ran between the den and the telephone box outside. The rest of the phone wiring was left as-is and disconnected so …

  5. Recursive functions: Casting out Nines (in Bash)

    Thu 05 April 2012
    By mute

    Someone asked how to implement an algorithm where you add the digits in a number, until you have a single digit left. For example: 1234 10 1

    The first given solution used a loop. He asked if it could be done recursively. The second solution used recursion, but still a loop. Thankfully, by the advice of Riviera in irc:// I had read some of "The Little Schemer" by Daniel P. Friedman.

    My solution, in bash:

    cast() { if ((${#1}>1)); then cast "$((${1:0:1}+${1:1:1}))${1:2}"; else echo $1; fi; }

    It operates a …

  6. T-Mobile BlackBerry 9900 Wifi Sharing + Calling update finally here!

    Tue 27 March 2012
    By mute

    I just happen to slap my SIM card into my 9900 again last night and "Check for Updates" and it's here! OS 7.1 has Wifi Calling and Wifi sharing. I was really looking forward to the wifi calling, since I use it in Antarctica. I actually bought this phone before I left for the ice, and haven't used it at all since it lacked UMA. I was unhappy, since Blackberry's have traditionally always came with it, I just expected it. Anyway, battery life kinda sucked too.

    I did not think Wifi Sharing would be a big deal. I've always …

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  7. Early troubleshooting days.

    Sat 18 February 2012
    By mute

    I was reminiscing on my computer experiences on my drive home from taking my A+ exam.

    I don't recall the very first PC problem I fixed. I just remember my dad bringing home a 286 machine from work and it not operating. I don't believe it booted anything at all. Maybe it was summer, because I asked if I could play with it when he went to work. He said, "If I can't fix it, you can't, but you can mess with it." When my dad got home from work, the machine was at an MS-DOS prompt. :)

    The first hardware …

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  8. Wii Linux hacking

    Tue 20 December 2011
    By mute

    So tonight while at work I began researching Wii Linux. I hope to make some contributions. It's quite different than the router I hacked at. I am by no means qualified for such things, but in the end patches were made (that worked) and I learned quite a lot.

    The Wii has two CPUs. This is the hardest part for me to grasp. Of course the booting process is started by one, code is loaded, but then how do the two communicate? A segment of RAM which is monitored, of course, right? I assume there is also a signal on …

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