Minimal Wii SoftMod

Thu 12 July 2012
By mute

When I modify a Wii, I start with the homebrew channel, USB Loader GX, and WiiMC (a great media player). Many of the guides are outdated, and include many things I don't believe you need anymore. The latest hack, LetterBomb, works on the current Wii software version, 4.3, and requires nothing more than an SD card. Games each load a specific IOS (Read IOSes explained if interested in the details), but I've had success with everything I've tried so far with only having IOS 56 and 57 modified by d2x v8. I don't bother with anything dealing with DVD loading since my new Wii can't use it anyway. So this is all I do:


  1. Update Wii using official methods.
  2. Use LetterBomb to install Homebrew Channel (HBC).
  3. Copy d2x-cios-installer, d2x files, USB Loader GX, WiiMC (+ channel installer), and MMM to SD card apps folder.
  4. Copy USB Loader GX forwarder (UNEO) to SD card wad folder.
  5. Use d2x-cios-installer to make cIOS 249 based on IOS 56 and 250 base 57.
  6. Launch WiiMC channel installer from HBC
  7. Use MMM to install forwarder WAD for USB Loader GX.

Seemingly official download sites: