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  1. someone has molted!

    rocky next to someones molted exoskeleton. i don't think it is his. i saw tiny in that area this morning and it's rather large and rocky is the smallest. :)

  2. feeling crabby.

    sleepy has moved about 2 inches. someone suggested that maybe he recently molted and is in hiding because they get really soft and defenseless afterwards. here's rocky kissing scarlet's butt. hope he's not looking for a shell upgrade yet. *shrug*

  3. first animals!

    to celebrate the end of the cycle, after a big water change (i dunno 30%), i got hermit crabs at petco. their turbo snails looked dead. no more animals from PETCO, i promise. here they are! rocky - went straight up the rock first thing!

    sleepy - he hasn't moved since added. he is alive though...

    tiny - because he's the biggest, of course! climbed mt everest already (and still going!), and he had started on the sand!

    scarlet - because she's the only red-legged one. favorite looking, but tiny's the coolest so far.

  4. sup with this amphipod?

    i think i lost 1 of only 2 verified amphipod inhabitants! he's been laying out on his back for about 20min twitching a bit. i put API 5in1 strip in like OMG somethings going on. copepods are flowing out of every crevice, though. The top suction cup on my heater for some reason never wants to stay suctioned to the glass. it's a copepod party behind it! so weirdly enough my nitrites are 0 and nitrates (color scale has: 0, 20, 40, ...) i reckon are like 5. really really weak. i didn't expect this so soon. saturday: pH 8.5 …

  5. new life, new rocks, and substrate added!

    omg wow. this is so exciting. so my white bugs were doing loop-de-loops like crazy and might be mysis shrimps. whatever. i found even MORE exciting things. a possible clam (highly probable if ya ask me), and these critters called amphipods. i saw one when i turned my stuff off to add sand/rock. he went into the filter area. wonder if he got stuck and died when i turned it on? let another one loose that was part of the new live rock shake-off. i think i only ended up using 1 gallon of the new water during all …

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