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  1. protein skimmer.

    i ordered the fission nano-skimmer. just under $29 with s&h. i hope it fits somewhere. the hood on the aquapod leaves no room above the water! but they say it's great for the aquapod. it's made by Current USA, who makes the aquarium as well, so... also put a $2 bag of carbon in the 1st filter chamber. just for a couple days. it was made for the aquaclear power filters. didn't see the point of buying anything expensive since i probably won't use it ever again once i start using RO/DI water.

  2. hydor flo lacks flow

    i blame the hydor flo for my keeping my sandbed dirty lately. i took some links out of the original outlet and put it back in for now to see how it goes. it left so much crap on the tops of my LR.

  3. tank maintenance

    i've had to clean my glass every 1-2 days. diatoms on the substrate. i thought i'd add a powerhead to help move the sand but where will it go? only place it'd fit is in the front! maybe i need to move the rocks forward. i cleaned the sand nice, but moving the powerhead in there blew all the crap off the LR back down. it was a lot! ew. wonder if i should do that beforehand now. hydor FLO is nice concept but i think it needs to be stronger output and oscillate only 180-270 so it doesn't spray …

  4. tiny changed shells!

    he was acting a bit weird, i thought, last night. so i rinsed off the shells i bought this past weekend and threw in the bigger ones. only 6 out of 24 i think seemed bigger than what they had. he upgraded quick. i wish i saw it! the shells:

    newly upgraded, more comfortable, clean, and pretty tiny!

  5. scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp!

    there he is. some salt on the glass due to changing some water just now. needa wipe up. everything else is put away, yay. and here's the filter compartments and new hydor flo! i broke that small rock a bit and put it in the filter. schweet.

  6. more catchup

    ah, yesterday i gave the starfish to LFS and plan to get the scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp after work for $18. still no money for RO unit i guess. need to sell my Wii dammit! moved heater/temp probe to sump area. want to get some macro algae back there. here it's great for out competing the nasty algae. :) Lots of soft spots on the big rock. Might break off the rumble during water change to put in the sump too. and really thinking of running carbon for a lil bit since I don't have corals and don't want more …

  7. stupid impulse buy...

    chocolate chip sea star. my tank isn't mature and i'm uncertain the fate of my snails now... ugh. thinking nabisco, since he's chocolate chip and they make the best ones, right? it'll fit the scheme of funny names.

    his name is NOT nemo. maybe marlin? :) and i added 4 margarita snails. that's it. hope it goes okay... man i feel like i don't belong in this hobby anymore though. really fretting the feeding part of owning the star.

  8. tank pic & catch-up

    too many threads and this... i should post only here because i want THIS to be as complete log as can. have tested water few times w/o posts, ugh! NH3/NH4 test was 0 yesterday. Tank pic from right now:

    the worm from last post.

    and something else i saw when taking wormy pics:

  9. worm.

    saw a worm after the white lights went out. i flickered them real quick to try to get a better look and he moved back a bit. did a search on hitchhiker FAQ and it didn't look like any of those worms, except maybe a feather duster without the duster! he's just small and white. i only saw 2in maybe of him and didn't see if there was a hole right there. he's gone now. oh well. i'm kind of a record keeper. this live rock has brought things i don't know about to my tank. it's exciting, but i …

  10. i fed the sea star. uber cool.

    that's him half way done with a small piece of cooked salad shrimp i got at supermarket. it was smallest bag. like $2 and will last a good while i think. i should vary his diet, but i hate seafood. i got a small bag of frozen brine shrimp at PETCO. the big bag had big shrimps, this bag was tiny tiny ones. i'm new at this, okay? but i put one near his leg and he grabbed it and tried moving it to his mouth and thats when he walked up out of the water like that. so when …

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