new life, new rocks, and substrate added!

omg wow. this is so exciting. so my white bugs were doing loop-de-loops like crazy and might be mysis shrimps. whatever. i found even MORE exciting things. a possible clam (highly probable if ya ask me), and these critters called amphipods. i saw one when i turned my stuff off to add sand/rock. he went into the filter area. wonder if he got stuck and died when i turned it on? let another one loose that was part of the new live rock shake-off. i think i only ended up using 1 gallon of the new water during all this. SP was approx 1.0245 on each. meant to test water levels when i got back from my weekend, for a before-and-after, but my cycles been delayed anyway by adding 7lbs of rock and 10lbs of Bio-Activ Live Aragonite. here are the values from thursday, april 19th, 1pm: KH >240, pH 8.5, NO2 10, NO3 80. what the hell i'll try a quick one now... hard to tell but i think NO2 is like 4 and NO3 is 30. new rocks though so it'll only go up before it continues its way down. i also added a digital thermometer, which i can move to my mixing tub prior to any change outs. below you'll find a front-side and left-side view of the new look.