tank maintenance

i've had to clean my glass every 1-2 days. diatoms on the substrate. i thought i'd add a powerhead to help move the sand but where will it go? only place it'd fit is in the front! maybe i need to move the rocks forward. i cleaned the sand nice, but moving the powerhead in there blew all the crap off the LR back down. it was a lot! ew. wonder if i should do that beforehand now. hydor FLO is nice concept but i think it needs to be stronger output and oscillate only 180-270 so it doesn't spray the water straight up (which is fine with it's low flow now). i think i'm going to try the spray bar... unless i fit the aquaclear 301 in behind the rocks later. removed 2gal of water, and replaced with >2gal of PRIMO bottled water mixed to 1.024 SP. i left the tank a bit low last change. so a frickin snail got into the filter area during all this. those buggers are hard to make let loose, and i didn't wanna hurt him! i gave him a twist motion, and hoped that he had sense enough to let loose before he got hurt, and he finally did. dropped him into the tank and he landed upside down in the sand. so pushed him up against the glass. they liked hanging around the top of the water on the glass when the water level was low this past week. with a bit of him outside of the water. he hid during my water change and was totally out of the water for about 5min! then he somehow jumped the wall trying to make a break for it... into the filter chamber with the heater.