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GPS Hacks: Mio C320 —

I bought myself a Mio C320 at RadioShack yesterday for $200. They had a great sale on memory cards, so I got a 4GB SDHC card too. Plenty of room for hacks, right? Yeah.
The forum I got the unlock stuff from is very tough to navigate I think. For those interested, this is what I used.
So what can an “Unlocked” GPS do? I’d think a lot more than what I’ve got so far. Of course Windows CE 5.0 Core it could run most of those Pocket PC programs. Screen size and orientation are different, of course. You have zero buttons on this thing.. No action games. I’ve not yet gotten an NES emulator that works and will show the on-screen controls.. but it’d be no fun touch-screen anyway…
The #1 thing — Video Player. It does all the essential formats — DivX and even Flash Video [FLV]. I’ve only tried a 16M DivX, without any re-encoding, and it played on my 400MHz ARM like a champ. Not sure if a movie will though, but hey it’s 400MHz and could always re-encode i guess.
I got it thinking I could use it like a Palm Pilot as well. So far I’ve not found any organizer applications to load onto it. :( Calculators are useful. I’d LOVE to get the TI-89 emulator to work! I see the calculator screen but not the keys (kinda same problem I have with PocketNES). It’s all related to the GAPI I believe…
GAPI Emulator for HPC’s, seems to support this GPS directly too though!
No one visits this page I’m certain, but after the holidays I’d like to make a collection of applications, and do my own tweaks to this unlock program, and post them here. Then I’ll be famous (are you the guy that dumped Zelda Phantom Hourglass!!?!?). ;)
Oh, another resource and lovely looking page: How to Unlock Mio C230. It seems the two devices aren’t very different aside from the screen size.

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  1. Lapya says:

    Hi, I am another C230 user (lover?). I have managed to run Syberia on it. Dou you know it? You can find it on clickgamer and pocketgear also. Anyway, I would like to ask you to try it on your C230, because I could not manage fully run it because of GAPI problems. When the program starts I can’t click on anything. Please share the thoughts. Regards,

  2. scott says:

    Sorry my GPS, along with my ipod, were stolen a couple months ago. I replaced the ipod with one twice as big, and the GPS with an AT&T Tilt PocketPC Phone :)