gbaldr+szcard patch version 4.

Tue 23 October 2007
By mute

i hate blogs for projects. you always read these and are like, okay lovely changes but what is the program to begin with?

gbaldr is a program for the EZ FLASH 3-in-1 to write gameboy advance roms to a flash memory cartridge in the slot2 of your nintendo ds. it of course requires a way to launch .nds (usually a slot-1 hacker card). this is a patch so that it works with the "Fire Linker 128Mbit" aka SZcard, currently being sold on dealextreme. out of the box it requires you to find some warez program if you don't read chinese, and also a parallel port, and a GBA to program your card. this program makes it very easy if you already have a DS and a slot-1 and are looking to add GBA ROMs to your playlist. :)

version 1-3 probably shouldn't have gotten numbers, but was uploading lil changes to the development forum for people to test out and wanted a way to be able to tell if they were using the right #... so here's version 4, the first one worth a download.

gbaldr-szcard4: binary and source.