snowmobile training

Thu 08 October 2009
By scott

i just got back from snowmobile training. we didn't ride long, but boy was it fun! my only complaint is the full face shield didn't work so well for me. either it or my glasses were fogged up, so i kept it open, and wasn't wearing anything over my face. so next time, i think i'll elect for the open face helmet with tinted goggles and my ski mask:) so i've not blogged anything because i've only been online since yesterday, and with the work computers. i got my laptop back just now from the IT folks who checked it and authorize it for LAN connectivity. i just realized how hard it must have been for them, since my boot menu defaulted to windows 7 (which requires my external harddrive), and XP had the touchpad turned off hah.. so it looks like VoIP ain't gonna work but that's okay. i can dial out free now. i changed my google voice number to denver, where the satellite downlink is. so i can dial it directly, and call out from there for free. my google voice number SHOULD show up on caller id, but as yet it's been showing unknown. probably because it's a new number. that number is (720) 984-2576 if you want to leave text messages or voicemails that i can check when i am online.

so is it cold?? heck yeah, 10 to 14 below with windchills in the -20s, but they dress you warm so only problems are hands, and when it's windy or you're driving a snowmobile -- the face. funny, i've been wearing my normal sneakers and socks and nooo problems there yet. snowmobile instructor asked if my feet were okay. everyone else that's been here has hiking boots for around town. i thought about bringing my navy boots, but f- it. if i'm not walking on ice, i'm good :)

anyway, it's 4:22pm, gonna smoke, and get ready to get outta here.