first trip out of town

Tue 13 October 2009
By scott

i didn't do survival training where i stay out overnight yet, so shhh... but we went to a weather station about 16mi south of base. quick operation of just turning a screw and headed back. it took forever though at 12mph in a pickup truck with the wheels converted to tracks. heh. Gab sucks at driving, i think he hits every bump on purpose. seriously, there are flags every so many feet to mark the "roads" and he'd stray several yards from them to where the ice was bumpy... anyway.

it was really really windy but i was dressed up for it. we turned the screw, and had to wait 15min for the station to report so we could know if it was good to go before we left. Gab and I took a few pics and stayed outside, Patrick stayed in the truck looking at us like we're stupid. i was just playing in the wind, felt like i was gonna fly away again. hah.

i made a public album on facebook to share pics now, instead of having them spread all over different places. below is the link to it, and the other.

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