That was some flying

Mon 05 October 2009
By scott

It's 4:41 Monday here in New Zealand. Almost noon on Sunday back home. I guess I'm not use to to time change yet. Actually, I'm just boring and went to bed early... heh. 7deg Celsius ain't as bad as it sounds. Went walking with just my inner jacket on, got to the first intersection and turned around. It was raining. I guess it does that a lot here. I bought a pack of cigarettes at the hotel bar. =\ I got NZ$50 from airport ATM (Visa is more fair than the exchange booths, silly people). I paid just under 72cents per new zealand dollar. so the NZ$10.50 I spent on cigarettes was still a bit expensive, huh? :P ok, I'm just bored in NZ, this post serves no purpose. Its totally not Antarctica related, but this is-- OMG I LEFT MY IPOD USB CABLE AT HOME how the f will i charge my ipod and play it?? Bet they cost $40 at a mall. I'm too poor. $10 bus fare to get there and back i bet. oh well!