Contact Information

Thu 22 October 2009
By scott

so i took the day off after that camping, and find myself back on the internets. kinda boring. anyway. for those interested, find below my contact information. as said on facebook, they've small selection of expired goods here. i enjoy marlboro menthol lights, butterfingers, rolos, kit kat, starbursts, nerds, etc. :)

Scott Nicholas, SOPP McMurdo Station PSC 469 Box 700 APO AP 96599-1035

I have no incoming phone number here, but you may leave a voicemail. I enjoy hearing familiar voices. My google voice mailbox # is (720) 984-2576. It's a Denver number because I can call out to denver for free, and use it to calls you back, free!

Of course I also have the email and instant messenger and facebook. If you don't know it, ask for it, I don't welcome spam and thus will not post those here.. heh.

Love and miss you all, -Scott