Cape Royds visit, got my first seal pics!

Sat 31 October 2009
By scott

photo album: Cape Royds

So the trip planned for Friday to goto AWS 106 was made today, Saturday. I went with PJ and DJ. Got a pic of the same ice berg as during the sea ice training, from the helo. Was a short trip out, left at 9am, and wasn't to be picked up until 1:40pm. PJ had the stuff ready to go, and we swapped out the radio and installed a webcam in minutes! So now what?? We walked to the water. Some of it was open (unfrozen!) and we saw about 5 seals. 1 was a baby who was rather mobile. The rest just laid there. hah, kinda like parents eh? Kids like, C'mon let's go!! Momma's like, ehh i'm lazy maybe later.. just kidding. We happened across a couple ponds, and walked across the smaller one on the trip back. The view from the top of the ridges was awesome! Of course it was uphill both ways hah. Got a little worried on the way back. I was pretty sure we were left of course and I was right. I suppose we hiked over an extra mile to get back, but that's okay. We approached from a high side. If we came straight back we wouldn't have seen it. Kept saying, "We're see it over the next ridge" or "This has gotta be the highest point" and once you're over, hah, damn there was another one! That walk got me worn out. It's 10:50pm Halloween, I got off work, ate dinner real quick, and slept until 9-something-pm. Haven't exercised like that in awhile! Was sweating, PJ and I removed our jackets. It was a GREAT day to go out. No wind to speak of. Even without the jacket on, I was warm hiking back. Woulda liked to take off more! hah. The flight back we did see penguins. We shared the helo ride with 2 penguin researchers. They had huge awesome cameras. Of course, mine wouldn't capture shit from up in the helo, but I saw a group of them walking towards base. Base is far tho. Definitely lots of seal activity tho. Saw more from the helo real close to town on ride back. Also, there has been 1 just outside base lately. Maybe it came up from a fish hut that someone left the hatch open on, I dunno, but he's been right there chillaxing for 2 days. They seem so sad sitting on the ice. :( Anyway. It's 11pm.. I'm gonna add captions to the pics and head out. Later!