maintenance done wrong.

i knew i needed a water change, and my outlet was blowing sand everywhere, so i had to move that too. it was pointed in the area that kept turning brown. hopefully that prob went away. i put the hydor flo back, since i thought it was just too much current! clownfish didn't swim around much, and the food was never getting delivered to the shrimp. it burst into flames from the strong flow HEH. so what went wrong. first i got carried away with removing detritus from in front of filter inlet. didn't notice my 1gal jug was full! good thing i brought my 2gal wet-vac home from my visit to see the kiddos this weekend. then i go back into bathroom after putting in new water and smelt plastic burning. omg i left the heater plugged in! it was in the sink with the cord touching it. i hated that heater anyway. the ceramic coating or whatever was flaking off into my change water, and the cheaper visitherm has an actual temperature dial in degrees. this just has +/- and is aquatic gardens. crap they sell at walmart, but purchased at PETCO. that's pretty much it i guess. enough ramblings. i moved my rocks inward to allow the siphon to reach the back and the left. i have too much rock! that big piece was silly but i thought that'd be all i'd get and wasn't interested in corals or looks just the filtration benefits. so here's the new look. good pic if i say so myself.