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Archive for September, 2008

Samsung YP-U2J and Windows 2000 —

This mp3 player is old. Dunno where it surfaced from, but I got it. Doesn’t work in 2000 because it uses MTP mode rather than register as a USB Storage Device. You can replace the firmware. After enough googling to realize the better way is to get a USB firmware, vs trying to get MTP […]

Portable Google Chrome and Windows 2000 —

Already people making it portable. I guess they all use the nightly builds, which I haven’t gotten to work on 2000. I thought the OS at work wasn’t gonna run this at all but I took my installed Chrome from home, zipped it up, emailed it to work, and voila. The beta release, build 1583, […]

Google Chrome on Windows 2000 / Asus Eee PC —

Japanese people are amazingly smart. I was able to change my user-agent as one blog suggested to download the Google Chrome setup, but it wouldn’t run… So I downloaded the files in a zip. It warned about Windows 2000 not being supported, started like it was going to do something and had one of them […]

Free internet setup on Nokia 6086 —

This’ll work on many handsets, but here are the step-by-step I used on the Nokia 6086. I use the free dial-up service provided by NoCharge. $6/m t-zones is enough to use opera mini and google maps, but I was minimizing my plan and dropped it, since I hardly ever use these, but they can help […]

The Nokia 6086 can run Google Mobile Maps! —

T-mobile US highly restricts java applications, especially on their Nokia handsets. With my previous phone, the Nokia 6133, you could flash to an unbranded firmware and run anything. It was great. But now I have a Nokia 6086 … The Nokia 6086 has many certificates installed on it. Go to Menu > Settings > Security […]